South Jax Chief Broaddus, Trustee Smith stepping down from positions

By Ryne Turke on July 3, 2015 at 6:02am

The newly appointed South Jacksonville police chief and a trustee under fire for ethics allegations have stepped down from their positions with the village.

Chief Mike Broaddus and trustee Sonnie Smith made those announcements during Thursday’s well attended and vocal South Jacksonville meeting.

Village President Steve Waltrip says the proper resignation forms have not been submitted by Broaddus and Smith, so neither action is official.

Waltrip says the events that led to Broaddus stepping down were tied to internal investigation documents handled by former South Jacksonville President Gordon Jumper and former Police Chief Richard Evans at the time of the Illinois State Police investigation.

“It is my understanding that this is stuff that was sent to the Attorney General, but the Attorney General has no knowledge of that,” says Waltrip.

“Apparently these documents were found on a thumb drive by Mr. Broaddus and officer Wilson. It raised questions and it appears that all of these things were in Mr. Yow’s office.”

Chief Broaddus appeared at the meeting as a citizen and shared his feelings on the situation.

“We went to go speak to the mayor and I explained the things that could happen from this. The main thing was to get the reports,” says Broaddus.

“It took me to lay down my gun and badge to get him to call Allen Yow. I love this village and I always have.”

Waltrip couldn’t confirm why the documents were at Village Attorney Allen Yow’s office, because he had not yet been informed of those details.

Waltrip says if the resignation of Chief Broaddus is finalized, the village will look to hire a replacement at the next personnel meeting.

Several village residents voiced their concerns about the current allegations against trustee Smith.

My Social Jacksonville administrator Colby Huff introduced proof, obtained via FIOA request, that Smith hadn’t had a proper license to operate her catering business in Illinois since 2011.

Shortly after Huff concluded his speech, Smith addressed the crowd.

Waltrip says trustees will take action on Smith’s resignation announcement in the next 30 days.

Updates on other action from the meeting, including the reconsideration of Evans’ separation agreement and severance package, the ongoing annexation battle between South Jacksonville and the Strang family and details on the village website will be recapped Friday afternoon by WLDS/WEAI News.

Listen to the entire meeting and comments from the floor here.