South Jax Circle K manager honored by Fraternal Order of Police

By Gary Scott on November 23, 2015 at 1:36pm

A Jacksonville woman has been honored by the Illinois Fraternal Order of Police for her assistance with several cases of vehicle burglaries.

Penny Carl, the manager of the Circle K convenience store in South Jacksonville, was recently recognized with an appreciation award by Jacksonville FOP Lodge President Doug Thompson, as well as South Jacksonville Police Chief Josh Hallock and Sergeant Brian Wilson.

Hallock says Carl reviewed security videos to help South Jacksonville police identify suspects in the burglary cases that happened earlier this year, and that her help led to the cases being solved and arrests being made.

“Penny has always been a big asset as far as community policing efforts right there at the business, and we certainly do appreciate that,” says Hallock.

“It’s always helpful when you actually can see the visual aspect of the crime occurring, if that is in fact the case, and then having a business owner or manager who’s more than happy to come forward to assist us with those visual images, that’s very much appreciated,” he adds.

Carl says she feel very appreciated by the South Jacksonville Police Department.

“I just like to help the local police department out. I know just about every one of them on the force, so what I do what I can do,” Carl says.

Hallock says the award ceremony at the meeting of the Fraternal Order of Police took place last week.