South Jax ethics meeting reportedly canceled by village president

By Ryne Turke on April 17, 2015 at 7:28am

A special meeting for South Jacksonville board members to discuss a recent ethics complaint was canceled last night.

Earlier this week, Village Attorney Allen Yow told WLDS-WEAI News that the meeting would be held this week to focus on creating a three-member ethics commission panel. This group would consist of board members or others from the community.

Village trustee member Kem Wilson says she was “not happy at all” when she heard about the meeting being canceled.

“We were prepared to have a special meeting to appoint the ethics commission and get things underway, but for some unknown reason Gordon Jumper canceled the meeting,” says Wilson.

Wilson says she was not given a reason as to why the meeting was canceled. She says canceling the meeting puts more pressure on the village board, because there is a time limit on addressing the ethics complaint.

“We want to get this going as soon as possible. We want to get some answers about the complaint. The complaint was filed nearly two weeks ago. I know the trustees do want to get on this,” says Wilson.

Wilson says the village board needs to get to the bottom of this issue.

“We need to do it for ourselves and the village. I am a resident of the village and if I wasn’t a trustee, I would want some action anyway. I’m a village resident and this is ridiculous. We need to get on this as soon as possible. No more dilly daddling around. We need to get on it,” says Wilson.

The ethics complaint was filed by Tyson Manker during the last board meeting on behalf of a petition signed by several hundred South Jacksonville residents.

Wilson doesn’t know when the ethics commission meeting will take place, but hopes it happens as soon as possible.