South Jax makes adjustment on water main policy

By Gary Scott on September 1, 2015 at 8:17am

A South Jacksonville Planning and Public Facilities Committee meeting on Monday focused on the topic of plumbing permits and water main taps.

Recent construction of a home on Vandalia Road revealed South Jacksonville hasn’t adjusted to a law passed about five years ago requiring a licensed plumber to initiate taps into a water main, according to committee chairman Mike Elliott.

Elliott says the village charges for a tapping permit, and then is responsible for plumbing inspections, handled by the water department and building inspector. A representative from the Illinois Department of Public Health was at Monday’s meeting to explain the changes the village must make.

“We’ve been under the assumption that we were grandfathered in to make those taps. We’re going to eliminate the plumbing fees, and then the inspection of the facility- when it’s completed and during the process- will be turned over to the Illinois Department of Public Health, because we do not have a code inspector,” he says.

Elliott says this will not affect any new or old construction in the village.

“We’re not getting out of the business, we’re doing some housekeeping. It’s business that was supposed to be taken care of before. We’ll always have a tapping fee because you’re tapping in to our main. However, it will be inspected by the Illinois Department of Public Health, as we don’t have certified inspectors for that,” Elliott says. “We’re complying with the Department of Public Health regulations.”

Elliott says a tapping fee is $25, with escalating fees depending on things like how many showers and drains a new home has.