South Jax mayor talks about code enforcement officer resignation

By Gary Scott on October 1, 2014 at 7:45am

South Jacksonville’s mayor made his first public comments about the recent resignation of the village’s building inspector Monday night.

Dick Samples, the former village trustee who was hired as a full-time building inspector and code enforcement officer, resigned last week. Trustees are expected to vote on the resignation tomorrow.

Village president Gordon Jumper commented during Monday night’s Public Facilities Committee meeting that he’s giving some serious thought to reverting the position back to part-time.

“I had really hoped that the full-time arrangement that we moved to a year or two ago would bear better results. I’m disappointed that it didn’t,” Jumper says. “And so I think we need to retrench and maybe do something different.”

Samples was hired full-time in January 2012 after long-time employee Carl Hopkins died in October 2011. Jumper says the village had previously used Hopkins to perform “day-to-day” operations and hired engineering firms on a consulting basis to do the other parts of the code enforcement position.