South Jax PD hopes to get gun safety education program into school

By Gary Scott on August 20, 2015 at 7:26am

The South Jacksonville Police Department is looking to spread the word about gun safety.

Officer Colt Gerdes says the SJPD was recently approached by the Friends of the NRA group about the Eddie Eagle program, which teaches children in elementary school how to react if they find a gun.

“And when I say gun safety, I don’t mean taking them out to the range and showing them how to use a gun and how to be safe with firearms in that respect. It’s actually, if the child was to find a gun in the home, what they should do to safely get away from it and tell an adult about it so that nobody gets hurt accidentally,” says Gerdes.

“With video games and movies and everything in this day and age, we kind of thought it was important that kids have some idea of what to do when they find a gun.”

Gerdes says he doesn’t know of any other department in the immediate area that has the program.

He says the South Jacksonville Police Department has applied for grants to get the Eddie Eagle costume, but has been unsuccessful, but that if South Jacksonville Elementary School allows the program later this year, police officers will be able to provide educational materials.

Separately, the department is also giving away gun locks for adults.