South Jax pitching in on water crisis

By Gary Scott on June 28, 2016 at 12:22pm

South Jacksonville is doing what it can to help the City of Jacksonville out today during its water emergency.

The village has its own water supply and is not affected by the overnight water main break.

Village Utilities Superintendent John Green says officials are asking residents to conserve water so the village can help.

“We’ve opened up the fire department to let residents come up to get jugs of water, bottled water, coolers, anything to help them out, and then companies have got tankers coming in, and we’re loading them up for the hospital for their chiller, which is for their air conditioning units,” says Green.

“We’re going to take some up to Nestle, they’ve got some trucks coming and going. Doing what we can to help out, we don’t have a big enough system to supply all of Jacksonville, but we’re trying to be neighborly and help all that we can. They’ve helped us out numerous times,” he continues.

The village’s Play For All water feature is closed today.