South Jax Plan Commission looks at new development near new hotel

By Gary Scott on August 11, 2017 at 7:16am

A new development project on Holliday Lane in South Jacksonville highlighted discussions at the Village’s Plan Commission meeting last night.

Over the past several weeks, local residents may have noticed a structure going up near the Comfort Inn on Holliday Lane in South Jacksonville. As it turns out, the Patel family of Jacksonville, which has owned and operated Starlite Motel for a number of years, is building another hotel near Comfort Inn.

What the South Jacksonville Plan Commission discussed last night was a development next to this new hotel. The Village is working with Hutchison Engineering on the development.

Hutchison’s Jim Burke explains what exactly they’re looking at in terms of the development, and why it would require the Village to rezone certain property.

“We’re looking at a development in the Village adjacent to the new hotel that’s going up that the Patels are putting up. They have an out lot located at an end of a dead end street. The size of the out lot doesn’t allow for it to be subdivided, because that would require placement of a cul de sac and there’s not enough room. We want to approach the development of that lot in conjunction with the hotel lot as a single plan development, which requires rezoning from the Village,” explains Burke.

Burke discusses what was taken away from last night’s meeting and a possible timeline for the development.

“I think after tonight’s meeting the general opinion would be that, after some review by the owner, we would probably be starting within the next couple weeks with the anticipation that we could be back as soon as September or October,” says Burke.

The South Jacksonville Plan Commission has an additional meeting regarding this development scheduled in September.