South Jax treasurer steps down; village president cites IMRF rules

By Gary Scott on January 19, 2016 at 9:30am

South Jacksonville’s office manager and treasurer has resigned.

According to village president Steve Waltrip, the resignation of Kathy Simpson hasn’t been formally accepted from the board, but he says Simpson is close to reaching a cap on allowable hours worked based on retirement standards set by the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund.

Simpson previously served as the office manager and treasurer up until April 2013, shortly after Linda Douglass lost her position as village clerk. Simpson then resigned, and Douglass took her place. Douglass then resigned last June in the wake of the findings of a 2014 Illinois State Police report.

Simpson was one of the major whistleblowers in the case.

An action item of appointing an office manager and treasurer was on the agenda for a December 21st special village board meeting, but was struck from the agenda when the meeting began.

Waltrip says the village is looking to replace Simpson as office manager and says the ideal situation would be someone that can be a treasurer a well.