South Jax trustee questions use of employees for gazebo-building

By Gary Scott on September 1, 2015 at 2:26pm

German (left), Pinkerton

A heated discussion took place last night between a South Jacksonville trustee and the village’s building inspector regarding construction of a new gazebo.

It’s been over two years since plans for the gazebo, to be put in Godfrey Park, were presented to the South Jacksonville board by a local Eagle Scout.

It was indicated in the summer of 2013 that it would cost up to $10-thousand to construct, with half of the money coming from leftover funds from a Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity grant.

Stacy Pinkerton, during last night’s Planning and Public Facilities Committee meeting, asked how many water and street department employees the village has. The answer was four, and Pinkerton questioned why all four needed to be working on the gazebo, as she indicated they recently were.

Code enforcement officer Wilbur German took exception to Pinkerton’s criticism, saying the village needs to get work done before a deadline for using state funds.

Committee chairman Mike Elliott suggested Pinkerton create a list of specific things she believes should be priorities for village employees besides the gazebo.

Elliott last night also informed committee members that South Jacksonville is working on a storm water survey, after numerous complaints were made by residents regarding property flooding that has occurred after heavy rains.

Elliott estimates the survey could cost up to $100-thousand, which is not in the village budget for the current fiscal year.

Currently, Elliott says engineers are working on issues for properties on Pennsylvania Avenue and South East Street.