South Jax trustee Smith says official misconduct claims are “All a lie”

By Ryne Turke on July 1, 2015 at 1:24pm

South Jacksonville residents are questioning the actions of a village trustee.
Allegations against trustee Sonnie Smith, which include “official misconduct”, have been made during village meetings over the past month.
Morgan County Watchdogs administrator Mike Woodyard reviewed multiple issues linked to Smith and her catering business, obtained via FOIA request.
“Trustee Smith violated the Morgan County requirement to obtain an ‘Assumed Business Name Certificate.’ Trustee Smith violated the Morgan County requirement and Illinois state law to obtain a food service license. By catering Concert in the Cornfield events without insurance, she exposed the Village to potential lawsuits,” says Woodyard.
“Trustee Smith violated the South Jacksonville requirement to register an ‘Assumed Business Name’ with the village. Trustee Smith failed to disclose on her statement of economic interest form income from the village in excess of $12-hundred, as required by the Illinois Ethics Act. It is unlikely sales tax was collected and a portion of the revenue is shared with the village she represents.”
Woodyard added that Smith received evidence from the FOIA request more than a month ago. Woodyard hopes Smith will help the village avoid another ethics complaint by stepping down from her trustee position.
WLDS/WEAI News spoke to Smith about the allegations against her. While she wouldn’t go on tape, Smith emphasized, “This is all a lie and I didn’t do anything illegal.”
Smith added that she has all the documents of proof for her catering business. When asked if she plans on releasing that proof to the public, Smith said, “probably.”
The allegations come weeks after an ethics commission recommended further action be taken by prosecutors for allegations of “official misconduct” against retired Village President Gordon Jumper and Police Chief Richard Evans, as well as resigning Treasurer and former Village Clerk Linda Douglass.
Trustees have not taken any action against Smith.