South Jax Trustees discuss project with District 117, approve ordinance codification

By Gary Scott on July 21, 2017 at 6:59am

The cooperative TIF project with District 117, as well as the South Jacksonville Celebration highlighted most of last night’s South Jacksonville meeting.

The evening began with a public hearing on the appropriations ordinance, which was subsequently approved without any comment from the public. Among the more important items discussed was the Village’s cooperative TIF project with Jacksonville School District 117 for the renovation of South Elementary School.

Village President Harry Jennings goes over some of the details of the project.

“Our intention was to do the project if (District 117) did the renovation here, so it’s a win-win for us. They’re going to rejuvenate this school, and we’re looking at rebuilding the road and the infrastructure around the school. South School is a big part of our community and we want to work with the school district as much as we can. The Village has been put in a fortunate situation through past administrations. We are financially stable, so we have the cash if we needed it, but we don’t want to drain the TIF fund, so we’ll probably stretch it out over a few years if we need to, it depends on how expensive the project is that we do,” explains Jennings.

Another item discussed during the Mayor’s Report was the upcoming South Jacksonville Celebration. Trustee Paula Belobrajdic-Stewart says the Village has a special event to close out the celebration this year.

“Closing out our celebration this year is the Scot Fitzgerald Memorial 5K. It’s going to start in the evening again at 8 o’clock and that’s at our fire department. You can still sign up. Call Village Hall or you can get a hold of First Christian Church. We definitely want you to be a part of our celebration because that’s what it’s all about: bringing everybody to the Village,” says Belobrajdic-Stewart.

Also discussed was the Concert in the Cornfield. Concert Committee Chair Belobrajdic-Stewart says most of the concert has been planned, however, this year’s musical acts won’t be revealed until next month. During this discussion, the Board discussed at length the issue of an alcohol vendor for the event, with two possible vendors being looked at. A final decision on the vendor will be made next month.

There were several other action items approved last night, including a drainage proposal on Pennsylvania and South East Street. Jennings expands on the project. Trustees also approved the 2017 budget, a prevailing wage ordinance, the hiring of a new Administrative Assistant with the South Jacksonville Police Department, and an ordinance codification proposal.