South Jax Village Hall gets new look

By Ryne Turke on February 6, 2016 at 9:07am

Changes have been made at South Jacksonville’s Village Hall, but not the kind you might be expecting.

Village Clerk Dani Glascock says the trustees and employees in the office have been wrapped up in allegations and tough times over the past year, so now is a great time for a fresh start.

The Village Hall board room has been completely repainted and cleaned, a new clock has been added and the South Jacksonville logo has been placed on the front window. Glascock says outdated stickers and irrelevant items have been taken down.

“These were low cost items we could do to make it look better on the surface. We want it appealing when people pay their water bills, attend meetings or visit the village.”

Glascock says trustees were very excited to learn the outdated chairs in the board room have been replaced.

“The chairs that trustees sat in, according to trustee Gotschall, were there before he was a trustee. He has been a trustee for nearly 40 years. So we decided to get some chairs that didn’t weigh 50 pounds when you try and move it.”

David Large Professional Painting in Jacksonville donated the labor to the village. Glascock says South Jacksonville only paid a small figure for the materials during the two day job.

A plan is also in place to paint the walls of the main office at Village Hall.

In other news from South Jacksonville, village officials made progress towards the annual Concert in the Cornfield event.

A contract was approved with Variety Attractions of Zanesville, Ohio to promote the concert, which will now be held on August 27th.

Concert organizers are discussing the possibility making the 2016 event bigger than ever, with more live performers and a full day of activities.