Springfield Diocese proposes new regulations for non-Catholic families of students

By Gary Scott on August 27, 2015 at 8:51am

A letter that’s been sent to pastors and principals in the Springfield Catholic Diocese would require weekly Mass attendance for non-Catholic families who have children attending Catholic school.

A story earlier this week by the Springfield Journal-Register indicates the letter, sent by Bishop Thomas Paprocki, indicates the letter was sent out after a same-sex married couple tried to enroll their adopted children at Christ the King Elementary School in Springfield.

The agreement indicates parents, adoptive parents or legal guardians of children enrolled in Catholic schools should meet with their parish pastor if they are not “living in accord with church teaching,” including those who have divorced and remarried without an annulment, unmarried couples living together, and individuals in same-sex marriages or partnerships, according to the SJ-R.

The agreement reportedly “obliges” families to attempt to tithe at least eight percent of their income to the parish church on top of school tuition.

The letter apparently indicates children will not be turned away if their parents consent to the contract but then don’t follow its terms.

Routt Catholic High School and Our Saviour Elementary School are included in the agreement. Diocesan spokesman John Sullivan told the Jacksonville Journal-Courier that parishes are being asked to wait to distribute the agreement to families because it remains under review.

The agreement was recommend by the Presbyteral Council and approved by Bishop Paprocki last month.

The Jacksonville newspaper reports about 40 out of the 123 students at Routt are from non-Catholic families.