State Farm helps protect local emergency personnel

By Benjamin Cox on October 17, 2018 at 2:31pm

The local community became a safer place yesterday evening. A group of people is dedicated to community protection, but what if they become worried about their own home?

One of the State Farm Insurance agents stationed here in Jacksonville, Jeff Mossman, continued a recent nationwide presentation of gratitude to emergency personnel.

“Protect the Protectors” is a partnership between State Farm and Canary, an Icelandic home security system maker, to procure ‘all-in-one’ Canary systems for localized groups of emergency staff, from dispatchers to the front lines, all across the United States. To find more information about this initiative, go online to

Mossman describes the turnout his agency saw in the Leo’s banquet room yesterday.

“This included many people: police for both city and county, EMTs, dispatch, and firemen. We gave out nearly 100 Canary ‘all-in-one’ devices. When these folks are out protecting us and our community, they can have a watch on their own home.”

Mossman explains the local importance of the “Protect the Protectors” initiative.

“We thought it was time to recognize the first responders. They are a key component of a lot of my client’s claims. When situations go bad, the first responders are there to make sure things are okay, and that’s what State Farm and my agency is all about. We try to help people through those bad things, whether that is a car accident or a house fire or any other emergency or situation, and the first responders are always a big help in keeping everyone safe.”

According to Mossman, there is potential for events like this in the future, though he did clarify that Canary is not guaranteed to be the organization State Farm would be partnered with.