State officials say ISD, ISVI will start class next week, despite no budget

By Gary Scott on August 4, 2015 at 1:14pm

Officials with the Department of Human Services say they don’t anticipate classes at the Illinois Schools for the Deaf and Visually Impaired being impacted by the budget impasse in Springfield.

A temporary one-month budget bill that was vetoed by Governor Bruce Rauner included money to continue funding the schools, but DHS spokesperson Veronica Vera tells WLDS-WEAI News that because of the recent court ruling in Madison County that said state employees can be paid without a budget…

“The school staff are essentially state employees, and therefore, operations will continue as normal at our state-run facilities. ISD and ISVI definitely fall into those categories. We don’t anticipate an interruption in education or in operation for the schools based on the budget,” says Vera.

“Everything is continuing as normal as we move forward it’s something needs to happen, then we will adjust that as we approach it, but as of right now, there’s no effect.

Both ISD and ISVI are scheduled to hold their first day of class next Tuesday. Students come in for orientation next Monday.