State Police emphasizing safe driving over Labor Day weekend

By Gary Scott on September 2, 2017 at 6:30am

Labor Day weekend is a busy time for everyone around the country, and west central Illinois is no different.

With hundred of folks traveling for the long weekend, law enforcement agencies are reminding drivers of some essential safety tip to remember before they hit the road.

Since Labor Day often marks the end of summer, many people will use the three-day weekend to enjoy the warm weather one last time. In turn, the holiday makes for one of the busiest driving weekends the entire year as millions of motorists nationwide are expected to be on the roadways.

To ensure everyone’s safety, Illinois State Police District 9 Commander, Lieutenant Chris Owen, is asking drivers to take all the necessary precautions. According to the Illinois State Police, officers will be focusing on the main factors that contribute to fatal traffic accidents.

These primary factors are often referred to as the Fatal Four, and they include driving under the influence, speeding, distracted driving, and failing to wear a seat belt. For this reason, Illinois State Police are placing extra emphasis on DUI offenses, employing additional troopers on the roadways and at roadside safety checks watching for impaired drivers.

State Police will also be on the look out for drivers who fail to reduce speed, change lanes when possible, or proceed with caution when approaching vehicles on the side of the road.

Illinois State Police also say that motorists should expect an increased number of cars on the road, and should therefore allow themselves extra time when traveling.