State Rep. Davidsmeyer shares thoughts on gubernatorial race, future of IL politics

By Gary Scott on October 3, 2018 at 9:13am

Election Day in Illinois is now a little more than a month away, and one local State Representative is sharing his thoughts as voters head to the booths.

With the highly anticipated gubernatorial race taking place in Illinois, many people are tuned in to the various televised debates between the candidates and making their final choices before heading to the ballots.

Joining WLDS’ AM Conversation Monday was State Representative C.D. Davidsmeyer of Illinois’ 100th House District. Davidsmeyer says that, while there each gubernatorial candidate has had their chance to share their views on certain things, he wishes they would talk more about actual policy.

Davidsmeyer also spoke about the economic outlook of the state of Illinois. He says that it’s unfortunate that the state has had one-party rule in the General Assembly.

As for the next few years in Illinois politics, Davidsmeyer says he believes there are certain things that both Democrats and Republicans can agree on.

To hear more on the state of Illinois politics or the ongoing situation regarding the investigation at the Illinois School for the Deaf, check out our entire interview with Davidsmeyer online at WLDS or