Survey shows West Douglas residents want to keep brick street

By Ryne Turke on October 20, 2015 at 12:25pm

A pair of Jacksonville aldermen are getting feedback from local residents on what should be done to the only remaining brick street in the city.

Ward 3 Aldermen Travis Richardson and Marcy Patterson have been going door-to-door leaving surveys for individuals living on West Douglas Avenue.

Richardson spoke with WLDS/WEAI News this morning and says about half the residents on West Douglas have responded to the survey.

“There was a few individuals who didn’t care if it was paved over or not, but most of the individuals wanted to keep the bricks.”

Richardson says he has received complaints from constituents about the condition of West Douglas.

“If you drive down Douglas, in the middle of the street there are potholes that are repaired with asphalt. The bricks have been taken out in several places. There were several individuals who said they had flat tires from the potholes and one individual who even broke an axle on his car.”

Richardson says the condition of West Douglas was a major issue with voters when he was campaigning during the spring. Richardson says this is an important topic and people should take notice because of the street’s historic value.

“Marcy and myself will probably address this with Alderman Bill Scott, who is the chairman of the Jacksonville Public Works Committee. We want to see if we can get this completed in the next several years.”

Richardson says there are plans for the Jacksonville Street Department to put storm water pipes under West Douglas.