Third annual Bookstock to take place at Jax Public Library

By Gary Scott on September 21, 2018 at 7:54am

A number of activities for people of all ages can be found at the Jacksonville Public Library’s third annual Bookstock concert this weekend.

Aside from the yearly Bookstock concert, also Included in this weekend’s festivities are first annual Kids’ Market, a Friends of the Library Book Sale, and the second annual Children’s Music concert. Originally, the Children’s Music concert, organized by Children’s librarian Cindy Boehlke, was scheduled for this Saturday, not realizing it had been marked for the same day as Bookstock. However, according to Jacksonville Public Library Executive Director, who was a guest on WLDS’ AM Conversation yesterday, they’ve decided to simply combine the two events to make for a full day of activities.

Ashmore says that while past Bookstocks have been plagued by poor weather, he’s hoping for a beautiful day for family fun this weekend. Ashmore also goes over some of Saturday’s schedule.

Ashmore explains that this year’s Bookstock will feature a few less artists than last year, however he says there will also be another event taking place simultaneous to the concert.

To hear more about the third annual Bookstock, or any of the other planned activities at the public library this weekend, check out our entire interview with Ashmore online at WLDS or