Tips to battle the hot weather

By Ryne Turke on July 18, 2016 at 7:09am

Here are a few helpful tips to battle the heat as temperatures rise in West Central Illinois.

Jackie Barringer from the Morgan County Health Department says you should try to avoid going outside for long periods of time during the extreme heat.

Barringer says this is the time of year the people are at a higher risk of heat stroke and heat exhaustion. These are signs to look for…

“This might be somebody who is very confused. They may have fainted, have had a seizure or may be red and hot with dry skin. They could have a very hot body temperature. This is severe and you have to call 911,” says Barringer.

“Somebody might develop cool or moist skin. They might be sweating a lot, have a headache, feel sick to their stomach or feel weak or thirsty.  Get that person to a shady area and some cool water to drink.”

Barringer says workers who spend long amounts of time in the sun are advised to take breaks and drink cool fluids every hour, but be careful on what you drink.

“Well you want to not only avoid sugary drinks, but also avoid drinks with carbonation or caffeine. They actual can dehydrate you as your body is trying to work through that carbonation, caffeine or sugar.”

Barringer says humans aren’t the only ones who need to take precautions.

“You know we have to remember our furry friends out there. They need shade and fresh water. Some pets can come inside and other can’t. If you can bring them in then that is wonderful.”

Other tips including wearing light clothing, staying away from eating heavy meals and putting on sunscreen at least 30 minutes before exiting the house.

Adults need to remember to care for the elderly and children during these times.

To hear the complete interview with Barringer, click below.