Tips to keep your Christmas Tree looking festive

By Ryne Turke on November 29, 2016 at 5:55am

We’re just days removed from Thanksgiving, but West Central Illinoisans already have their minds on the next big holiday.

With Santa set on coming to town in less than 30 days, many people are making plans to purchase their Christmas trees.

Duane Friend with the University of Illinois Extension Office says it isn’t too soon to pick up that Christmas tree, as long as you plan on managing it properly.

“As long as the outside needles are green, that’s a good indicator that there is still moisture in that tree. If it has been sitting out for several hours you need to make a second cut at the trunk of the tree to open up the pathways for water to come in,” says Friend.

Make sure the tree gets plenty of water the first few days in the stand and check on it every couple of days.

If you purchase a tree this week but plan on waiting a few days to put it up in your house, Friend has the following advice.

“If it is going to be in a cool location you can probably get by without a fresh cut. If it is going to be a couple weeks before you put it up, then I would wait till getting home to make the fresh cut, then put it in water.That would be the best way to make sure it has lots of moisture,” says Friend.

According to Friend’s research, adding special chemicals to the water does “more harm than good.”