Toss for Autism raising funds for local special needs students

By Ryne Turke on April 5, 2016 at 7:24am

A local bags tournament is raising money for Jacksonville students affected by Autism.

Jay Boulanger, a former special needs aid and the founder of Toss for Autism, says he started the annual tournament in 2012 as a way to stay active with the special needs community.

“It has grown magnificently and every year we donate the funds back to the public schools foundation to help students in the district with special needs. Jeff Spradlin does a live auction to raise money. We ask local businesses to donate and that is where a bulk of the money comes from.”

For the past four years, Boulanger says the tournament has averaged around 20-25 teams, but this year he is looking to bring in 50 teams with the help of a The Capital City Cornhole.

“They reached out to us this year and they are donating their time to run the whole tournament. They have a fairly big outreach for people that play bags.”

Toss for Autism has brought in more than $18,000. Last year’s funds were used to purchase 10 iPads with updated software for students.

The event takes place at the Morgan County Fairgrounds on April 9th. Registration starts at noon and the tournament begins at 1 p.m.