“Tradition Meets Tomorrow” at 2018 MacMurray Homecoming

By Gary Scott on October 19, 2018 at 12:18pm

Former MacMurray Highlanders are taking over Jacksonville this weekend to celebrate the school’s 2018 homecoming activities.

While Illinois College enjoyed their homecoming events last weekend, it’s now time for Jacksonville’s other college to join in a celebration of their own. With a number of activities taking place throughout the week for current students at MacMurray, there a several scheduled events designed specifically for Mac alumni set to take place starting tonight and lasting throughout the weekend.

Mac’s 2018 homecoming festivities kick off this evening with the annual parade. Rikki Langan, Director of Advancement and Alumni Relations at MacMurray College, provides all of the details surrounding this year’s parade.

We will start on the corner of State and Clay Street and we will process down State Street, take a right on Mauvaisterre and go around the north end of the square, come down to College and eventually end at MacMurray,” says Langan.

Langan says the theme for the 2018 homecoming of “Tradition Meets Tomorrow” combines positive aspects of the college’s past and the promises of its future.

While a number of celebratory events are scheduled for this weekend, Langan says that homecoming is truly about making MacMurray alumni feel welcome and provide them with a good time.

“We’re just really excited to have everyone back. We hope everyone joins us, whether that’s at the soccer game or football game, or just come hang out with us at the block party from noon to 5 Saturday afternoon just to reconnect with your friends and former classmates and possibly former faculty members you had. Come back and re-live your college days and get to know a little bit more about what’s (currently) happening here at the college,” Langan says.

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