Triopia teacher receives Exemplary Teacher Recognition

By Gary Scott on June 21, 2017 at 12:37pm

An educator from Triopia School District 27 is among the 40 educators around the state being recognized for their expertise in a specific discipline.

Triopia Librarian Leslie Forsman has been named to the list compiled by the Illinois State Board of Education, Illinois Federation of Teachers and the Illinois Education Association.

Forsman is the recipient of the Illinois Reading Council Service Award for her aptitude for helping K-12 students in Triopia’s school district learn and improve their reading skills.

Triopia Junior and Senior High Principal Adam Dean says Forsman contributes to the school in a number of ways.

“She does a lot of things with the grade school in terms of teaching, reading, things in that area. She also teaches a careers course, which all 8th graders take that, and then she teaches a social and emotional learning class for 7th graders. She’s also very involved in the sports boosters and also an EMT in the area, so someone who’s very involved and does everything she can to help the district and the community,” says Dean.

Dean explains some of the specific reading programs that Forsman is involved with.

“She works with basically every grade level. She teaches reading units from Kindergartners on up and then also works with the high schoolers in terms of suggesting books for them to check out. We have a Reader Leaders program that she is the head of too, which rewards kids who read more than what they just have to read in class,” explains Dean.

Last school year was the 7th year in a row that the state has awarded Exemplary Teacher Recognitions.