Truck crashes on I-72 between Ashland and New Berlin, little info available

By Gary Scott on July 2, 2018 at 7:27am

Injuries remain unknown in what appeared to be a single vehicle accident last night on Interstate 72 near the Morgan County and Sangamon County borders.

Shortly after 7 p.m. last night, vehicles travelling westbound on Interstate 72 just west of milepost 79 between Ashland and New Berlin could be seen stopping along the side of the road to assist a truck that had somehow run off of the roadway.

While little information is known at this time, a baije-colored pickup truck could be seen sitting in the ditch on the north side of the roadway. The truck appeared to have travelling eastbound when, for unknown reasons, the unknown driver of the truck crossed over the grass median and across both lanes of oncoming traffic before slamming into a ditch on the opposite side of the roadway.

Onlookers could see some smoke billowing out from underneath the hood of the truck, with the front end significantly damaged. It did not appear that any other car was involved in the crash. New Berlin Police, as well as other agencies from both Morgan and Sangamon County were on the scene for over an hour.

The identity or identities of those involved in the crash remain unknown at this time. It is also unclear if there were any injuries sustained as part of the crash. WLDS/WEAI News hopes to provide further information if and when it becomes available.