Trustees approve four-way stop at Hardin & Michigan

By Gary Scott on October 6, 2017 at 7:26am

A potential four-way stop at a busy intersection, as well as other items were among the topics of discussion at last night’s South Jacksonville Board meeting.

After reports from various committees, the board moved into action items. One item that the board approved deals with an ordinance to create a four-way stop at the intersection of Hardin and Michigan.

Village President Harry Jennings explains why a four way stop at that intersection is necessary.

“It’s already two-way on Michigan Avenue, so there’s no stop going north and south, and that’s the only spot going from Morton Avenue to Vandalia on any of those roads that doesn’t have a stop from that whole distance,” Jennings says. “So it’s a center location and it’s a good way to get speed reduced by our play-for-all park.”

He says the Village is working with the city of Jacksonville to have that four-way stop implemented and operating.

“It’s not as complicated as it sounds. Our attorney talks with their attorney, we each draft an ordinance. We passed ours. Contingent with them passing their’s, we’ll both put the sign up at the same time, so that way we’re coordinated,” Jennings explains.

Following reports from the village clerk and treasurer, Jennings provided a report on a number of items, several of which had to do with Halloween or Halloween themed events. Among those events was the South Jacksonville Police and Fire Department’s Halloween Hoedown.

Jennings breaks down what this event is all about, and what people can expect to see.

“It’s more of a community-oriented event where the police department and fire department are trying to get more people involved,” says Jennings. “Our Fire Chief and Police Chief are both working together, and it’s a way to get more positive contact with the community.”


Among other action items approved last night included an engagement of services with Hutchinson Engineering and the hiring of part-time police officers.