Twenty golf cart licenses handed out in Jacksonville

By Ryne Turke on July 5, 2016 at 12:49pm

It looks like Jacksonville’s golf cart/UTV ordinance is off to a smooth start.

City Inspector Loren Hamilton says around 20 people have received a permit to drive their golf carts on city streets, aside from Morton, Main and Walnut.

Hamilton says the number is higher than he expected, because each cart requires a handful of add-ons to qualify as street legal.

“Majority has been Jacksonville, but I have had two or three from the Village of South Jacksonville,” says Hamilton.

“They don’t have a golf cart license in South Jacksonville yet. So they can just drive them in South Jacksonville then,” asked WLDS-WEAI.

“Right. These are people that do business in the City of Jacksonville and that is why they obtained a permit,” says Hamilton.

Hamilton anticipates more golf carts on city streets as the warm weather picks up.

“Some people have commented that it is more economical because they are just going short distances in town,” says Hamilton.

Hamilton breaks down how to apply for a golf cart or UTV license.

“Well you can go to and look at the inspection checklist to see if your cart is ready for inspection. Then give me a call at the police department, 479-4630, and we will make an appointment to come to your home or business for the inspection. You then take the paperwork to the city clerk’s office to obtain the actual permit.”

There have been no accidents or injuries involving golf carts or UTVs reported to Jacksonville Police.