UPDATE: man hospitalized in alleged stabbing, still no arrests made

By Gary Scott on October 6, 2017 at 1:00pm

Further details are being shared, but questions remain in the alleged stabbing that left a local man remains hospitalized last night.

Police reports indicate that officers with the Jacksonville Police Department responded to a call on the 400 block of South Mauvaisterre shortly after 8:30 p.m. yesterday regarding a report of a possible stabbing

Upon arrival, police found discovered a 36-year old male subject who appeared to be stabbed with a knife. Jacksonville Police Lieutenant Doug Thompson says that authorities believe this to be an isolated incident.

“I know that (the victim) was transferred to Springfield (Memorial Hospital) and I don’t know what happened once he got there. We have a detective going over there this morning to follow up. We do not believe it was random, we believe it was an isolated incident, we believe that the two subjects knew each other. We haven’t been able to get that far with (questioning) the victim yet because he had to be transferred to Springfield,” says Thompson.

According to police reports, the alleged attacker was described as a bald, heavyset male. As of now, police have been unable to locate the suspect, who had already fled the scene once officers arrived. Lieutenant Thompson says authorities hope to get a better description of the suspect after speaking with the victim.

“They did not give us an age nor we they able to give us any better description. Upon officers arrival, he was loaded into the ambulance rather quickly so they were only able to get a brief statement from him. When we talk to the victim today, we hope to get a better statement, and then if anyone has any information, they can call Crimestoppers or they can talk to the police department and ask to speak to investigations and we’ll get them to the right investigator for them to speak to,” Thomspon says.

Information as to what part of the victim’s body was stabbed, or the number of stabs inflicted have yet to be disclosed. The incident currently remains under investigation at this time.