UPDATE: Suspect Identified in Alleged Waverly Murder

By Gary Scott on September 6, 2017 at 12:39pm

A Waverly woman was killed yesterday evening in what local authorities believe to be an alleged homicide.

According to reports from the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office, 33-year old Nathan Henson, of the 300 block of East Elm in Waverly, was booked at the county jail at around 7:30 a.m. for murder.

Morgan County Deputies received a call last night at approximately 7:30 from the 300 block of East Elm Street in Waverly regarding a possible domestic incident as well as a possible homicide of a female victim.

While the victim’s name has yet to be released, it is believed that she could be a family member of Henson.

Information regarding the incident is still somewhat limited at this time and all investigations are preliminary at this point. Morgan County Sheriff Randy Duvendack explains what officers observed as they arrived on the scene, and how the suspect was eventually apprehended.

“Once they arrived, EMS was already on scene. There was a female adult victim in the house, she was later transported to Memorial Medical Center where she was pronounced dead. This was apparently the result of a domestic situation, some domestic violence. A male adult suspect had been in the house and left the scene. He was apprehended by some citizens and held on Tanner Street in Waverly, then officers got there and took him into custody there,” says Duvendack.

Duvendack says the suspect was transported to Passavant Area Hospital for treatment of injuries, before being booked at the county jail.

Duvendack says while Henson was being apprehended by local civilians, another Waverly man was arrested for aggravated battery for injuring Henson. According to police reports, 27-year old William Sanders, of the 300 block of East State Street in Waverly, was booked at the county jail this morning for aggravated battery. Duvendack says it’s believed that Sanders was an acquaintance of the female murder victim.

Duvendack explains the situation regarding Henson and Sanders.

According to Duvendack, the female victim was initially transported to Memorial Medical Center for treatment, but was later pronounced dead. Since the victim died at Memorial Medical Center in Springfield, the Sangamon County Coroner’s Office is handling the investigation into the murder, and has yet to release the name of the victim. Duvendack says he expects further information to be released later today or this evening.