Vehicles damaged in weekend altercation

By Gary Scott on January 29, 2018 at 10:29am

An altercation Saturday night resulted in the arrest of two individuals for allegedly causing more than $500 in criminal damage to property.

Eighteen year old Twanreona McGowan, and 38-year old Alice McGowan, both of the 800 block of South East Street, were booked at the county jail between 1 and 2 a.m. early Sunday. Both suspects were charged with alleged criminal damage to property over $500, and Alice McGowan was also charged with alleged aggravated bettery, according to reports from local authorities.

Detective Scott Erthal with the Jacksonville Police Department says it appears the altercation originated on Morton Avenue before moving to South East Street.

“Basically, I think the incident started somewhere out on Morton Avenue. It started out as a verbal altercation between two groups of younger individuals that got somewhat physical. As officers arrived, those involved left that area and went to a residence on South East Street, where another altercation took place between two groups, and as a result, we made those arrests at that time,” says Erthal.

Erthal also explains where the allegations of causing over $500 worth of damage stem from.

“There were some vehicles that were damaged, some of the vehicles over on South East Street. There were some items used, including a brick and I believe a tire iron,” says Erthal.

Erthal says there were some individuals injured in the altercation.

“There were people who were at the hospital. What the extent of their injuries were or treatment I can’t say, but I know there were some people at Passavant (Hospital) getting evaluated,” Erthal explains.

Also arrested in connection to the altercation was 36-year old Denise Jackson, of the 400 block of North Church, for alleged aggravated battery.