Village Trustees finalize last of Godfrey Park renovations

By Benjamin Cox on November 2, 2018 at 2:26pm

The South Jacksonville Board of Trustees has approved all Godfrey Park renovations.

The first two parts of a three-part bid arrangement had already been approved. Work has started on these aspects of renovations, including updated bathrooms and mulch – among many others. Last night, as part of the monthly Board of Trustees meeting, the trustees voted to approve a new awning and benches to make an open-air pavilion on the north side of the park. This pavilion had been suggested, and what the trustees will accept was specified months ago. Mayor Harry Jennings mentioned that the lean-to awning will be raised against a Village-owned building next to Godfrey Park. Trustee Stacy Pinkerton, who serves as the Parks and Tourism committee chair, explains this last part of the Godfrey Park project.

“The last part of Godfrey Park bids was passed tonight. The awning will be on the north side of the park adjacent to the Public Works building.”

A few upcoming events were mentioned last night by Mayor Jennings. Leaf pickup will be curbside every Tuesday, and Jennings offered a reminder that leaf burning can happen any day, but only before sundown. The South Jacksonville Fire Department Cookie Walk will be Saturday, December 8th beginning at about 7 a.m. Village Hall has a box for the Toys for Tots campaign, and the Village Christmas Party will be on December 1st.

Also, there will be a Veteran’s Day parade on Saturday, November 10th. The parade will run along the western side of Main Street towards Morton Avenue and will begin at around 10 a.m. South Jacksonville Police Chief Tim Mann further describes the route and the plan for lining up the participants.

“The lineup is at Dewey Drive and North Main, and the parade will carry North into the city and then turn into Community Park on the opposite side of the street as Superior Avenue.”

In addition, a new parking ordinance has been approved unanimously. The ordinance will be a 1-hour parking zone in the 200 block of West Vandalia Road between Village Lane and West Street, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.. South Elementary School sits just to the north of the affected zone. Signs enforcing this will be posted before Thanksgiving.