Waltrip, Pinkerton, Gotschall selected as South Jax trustees

By Ryne Turke on April 8, 2015 at 7:07am

A new face will be joining two familiar names on the South Jacksonville board of trustees.

With four candidates running for three open spots, South Jacksonville registered an 18.3 percent voter turnout and a total of 1,154 votes in last night’s consolidated election.

When the dust settled at the polls, voters selected Steven Waltrip, John Gotschall and Stacy Pinkerton.

Waltrip was the leading voter getter with 376 votes. WLDS/WEAI News spoke with Waltrip after the election and he expressed his thankfulness towards the community for allowing him to serve another term.

“I’ve enjoyed working for the village over the many years, whether it has been on the board or fire department. It is great to be wanted and to have that much faith in me to do this,” says Waltrip.

Waltrip acknowledged the tough times South Jacksonville has been going through over the past year, but hopes those struggles will be put to rest.

“I just hope to get this done in a reasonable fashion, not linger on and continue let our village grow. That is what this is all about, supporting the taxpayers and citizens of the village. Let’s get this done and move things forward,” says Waltrip.

Pinkerton, who earned 376 votes, will begin her first term as a South Jacksonville trustee. Gotschall, who will begin his final term in South Jacksonville, received 348 votes.

Steven Douglass was unsuccessful in his attempt at re-election. He finished with 72 votes.