Watchdog group releases new South Jax documents

By Gary Scott on August 26, 2015 at 8:30am

The Morgan County Watchdogs group has come out with new Freedom of Information Act documents related to the 2015 South Jacksonville scandal.

The group, which has posted numerous FOIA documents following up on our report earlier this year into alleged wrongdoing at Village Hall, put new documents online on Monday that shed more light on how nearly 450 entries were made into the village’s water-sewer deposit system on September 1st of 2012.

As the watchdog group points out, the deposits total nearly $15,700, but the village’s water-sewer savings account bank statement shows only $550 being deposited for that month.

The group then claims, based on follow-up documents, that village funds were illegally shifted to cover the village’s ledger, as it notes there was a 17-thousand-dollar transfer in June of 2013 from the water-sewer revenue account to the water-sewer security deposit savings account.

Since the documents were posted, several people who have seen their names on the list of accounts that supposedly signed up for water service at once in September 2012 have left comments on the group’s Facebook page pointing out erroneous information.

One person said they weren’t living in the village’s water supply area at the time, and another said their grandfather’s name was on the list even though he passed away in 1994. Others indicated names were on the list of residents who had lived in the village for decades.

Harry Jennings, who served on the three-person ethics complaint panel formed by the village to look at the 2014 Illinois State Police report that investigated former water clerk Linda Douglass for theft, among other things, said, it looks as if Douglass and former Village President Gordon Jumper were stealing cash deposits.

On the Morgan County Watchdogs page, Jennings said, “I think this is the hard evidence of what was mentioned in the ISP report about how once Linda and Jumper got wind that people were looking into this, that hundreds of deposits were made all in the same day.”

You can access the list by clicking here.