Waverly student’s third brain surgery showing successful results

By Ryne Turke on November 16, 2014 at 9:30am

A Waverly first grade student has just completed his third surgery for a condition most don’t even know he suffers from.

Chase Amos was diagnosed with Chiari Malformation at 15 months old. His mother Tahmina explains her son’s condition, which is very rare for a child to suffer from.

“It’s a condition in the back of the brain where the brain comes through the hole of the skull that leads to the spinal chord,” says Tahmina.

“It causes pressure on the brain stem and stops the spinal fluid from being able to flow. This leads to unsteadiness with walking, vision issues, weakness and problems with muscle coordination.”

Tahmina says Chase acts like any other kid in Waverly. He has a love of video games, likes playing outside and going to school.

Tahmina notes that her son’s condition is improving, but more medical stops will be required in the near future.

“He’ll follow the surgery with visits to the neurosurgeon every six months in Springfield,” says Tahmina.

“He will have to have an MRI to check on his brain and spinal chord, because he has a packet of fluid in his spinal chord that shouldn’t be there. That has to be checked every six months too.”

With bills adding up from medical expenses, Tahmina started a GoFundMe account to raise money for the day-to-day needs of Chase. The account has already received six donations and Tahmina hopes to reach the goal of $3,000.

A donation can be made here.