Winchester and Bluffs to benefit off Scott County facilities sales tax

By Ryne Turke on April 10, 2015 at 8:27am

Winchester High School.

Winchester and Bluffs are following in the footsteps of several local school districts by passing a county-wide facilities sales tax.

Scott County voters approved the sales tax 428-328 during the Tuesday election.

Winchester Superintendent David Roberts says Scott County voters have taken notice of the dated buildings in the district.

“Our high school was built in 1921. Although it is still in really good condition, it is still over 100 years old. Our grade school is now over 50 years old. When buildings reach that age there is a lot of upkeep needs. I think the taxpayers saw a need to help out there,” says Roberts.

Roberts also credits the positive momentum the sales-tax referendums from Morgan and Greene County generated.

Roberts says taxes from 2012 report Scott County will receive around $200,000 from the sales tax. Based on student population, Winchester is expected to get around $130,000 and Bluffs will receive $30,000.

By passing the sales-tax, Roberts says Scott County residents will not be asked to pay higher property taxes and Winchester’s operation and building fund will receive a big boost

“Money that is directed that way can be dispersed elsewhere, because we have the county-wide sales tax money going into that fund,” says Roberts.

Roberts says monthly revenue from the sales tax will start coming in over the fall months.