Winchester making restorations to city cemetery

By Ryne Turke on September 10, 2015 at 12:42pm

The Winchester Cemetery Board is set to begin phase two of the city cemetery restoration project.

According to Winchester Mayor Rex McIntyre, the project started last year, with the goal of restoring a large amount of headstones in the cemetery.

McIntyre noted the Winchester Cemetery Board spends around $5,000 a year on upkeep, with the majority of that money coming from donations.

“Some of them are very old. Some of them have fallen over and broken, from freezing and thawing. Some of those are going to be completely repairs, because they are beyond repair. Others just need foundation work and to be straightened up. A lot of these people actually don’t have family in our area. This is just a sign of respect to have their stones taken care of,” says McIntyre.

Over 30 headstones were repaired last year and McIntyre hopes to see that number increase in the coming month.

McIntyre says this will certainly be an ongoing project.

“It will probably take five or six more years to get through all the ones that need repaired. By that time there will be some more that need repaired after that. We might have to go back through,” says McIntyre.

The project will be completed by Jacksonville Monument Company and C Herring Restorations in Winchester.

Donations can be made to the Winchester City Hall at 121 S. Hill Street.