Winchester man arrested after strange activity reported at Jacksonville motel

By Gary Scott on November 1, 2018 at 10:27am

A Winchester man remains behind bars after a series of allegedly strange incidents at a Jacksonville motel earlier this week.

Thirty-two year old Jonathan Weber, of the 13-hundred block of Willow Lane in Winchester, was booked at the county jail at approximately 12:30 a.m. Wednesday on two counts of alleged criminal damage to property and two counts of alleged disorderly conduct. According to reports from the Jacksonville Police Department however, Weber’s arrest came after allegations of some very bizarre behavior at the Star Lite Motel, located in the 19-hundred block of West Morton Avenue.

Reports from law enforcement claim that officers were called to the motel between midnight and 1 a.m. Wednesday. Jacksonville Police Lieutenant Doug Thompson goes over why police initially responded to the scene and what occurred once officers arrived.

“Officers received a phone call from a complainant that his window to his vehicle had been broken out. Officers arrived and the complainant that owned the truck said the person that broke his window was staying at ‘this’ room at the Star Lite, at which time officers attempted to make contact with him and were able to locate that subject, Mr. Weber. They were able to find evidence that indicated that he did indeed break out the truck window. Officers also found another complainant who advised that Mr. Weber came out of his room, was naked, and urinated on the ground at the hotel,” says Thompson.

Thompson explains where both the criminal damage to property and disorderly conduct charges stem from.

“(Weber) was charged with criminal damage to property on two counts. One of them was for breaking stuff inside the hotel room, as well as the window of the truck. The disorderly conduct was due to his actions of reportedly being naked as well as urinating in public,” Thompson explains.

According to Thompson, local law enforcement agencies are familiar with Weber, as they have had a handful of run-ins with him in the past. Early estimates for the total damage allegedly caused by Weber are under $300. Weber first appeared in Morgan County court yesterday and had his bail set at $15-hundred dollars. His arraignment hearing is set for November 13th.