Woman arrested in alleged July meth operation gets jail sentence stayed

By Gary Scott on September 17, 2015 at 12:35pm

One of the two women arrested on July 17th for being involved in an alleged meth cook in the 300 block of East Douglas in Jacksonville will avoid jail time.

Thirty-year-old Lindsey Boys of the 3-hundred block of South West pleaded guilty last Tuesday to unlawful participation in methamphetamine manufacturing and was sentenced to two years of drug court probation.

The charge was downgraded from aggravated meth-manufacturing participation.

A 180-day jail sentence was stayed for review.

Boys was also ordered to pay $2,935 in fines.

She was represented by attorney Anne Clough.

The other woman arrested, Kelly Nelson, who lived at the residence where the suspected meth cook was taking place, has an upcoming court date of October 7th.