“Women 101” hiatus leads to Women’s Empowerment newsletter

By Ryne Turke on March 26, 2016 at 8:27am

A new program at the Jacksonville Salvation Army has been put on hiatus for the next few months due to low attendance.

In an effort to keep a strong message of women’s safety out in the public, Tawanda Berkley, a senior at University of Illinois Springfield and an intern at the Salvation Army, has replaced the “Women 101” meeting with a monthly newsletter.

“I’ve had history doing women’s groups before at my local church. There are women here that need to be more confident and know they don’t have to be depressed or broken. I was a woman that didn’t have any support, but women in the community told me I was more than what I was worth.”

Berkley hopes this newsletter provides hope for women struggling in Central Illinois.

“I’m hoping women will complete more of their goals, be more empower and follow their dreams. I want them to increase their faith and break out of different strongholds they may have.”

To sign up for the free email subscription, contact the Salvation Army at 245-7124