Yohn Files Motion Again to Dismiss Second Public Defender

By Benjamin Cox on September 2, 2022 at 11:52am

A Springfield man charged with multiple felonies in Adams County is seeking to represent himself in court again.

35 year old Bradley S. Yohn filed a motion on August 24th once again to represent himself in his case. According to Muddy River News, a status hearing was held on the motion in Adams County Court, and Judge Roger Thomson has set a hearing for the motion on September 7th. A trial is scheduled to begin in the case on November 7th.

Yohn filed a motion on July 18 for withdrawal of public defender Todd Nelson as his counsel. However, Thomson ruled two days later there was no evidence of ineffective counsel and denied the motion.

Yohn’s original public defender John Citro was excused from the case on May 11th after Yohn complained for several months and asked to defend himself.

In Muddy River News’ report, Yohn’s most recent motion says Nelson has not talked to him to form a defense and feels like Nelson has not upheld the standards of the Illinois bar. Yohn went on to claim his civil rights under the U.S. Constitution and Illinois Constitution have been violated, and he believes he can be more effective as a pro se litigant.