Illinois College Students Awarded for Leadership and Service

By Benjamin Cox on April 28, 2021 at 4:06pm

Last Thursday six Illinois College seniors were awarded the Julian M. Sturtevant Campus Leadership and Service Award.

The announcement says earlier in the Spring each recipient was nominated for the award from all IC faculty and staff. A smaller committee met in early March to make final decisions.

The award is presented annually to outstanding Illinois College graduating seniors. The Sturtevant Awards are given to visible leaders whose leadership has made a difference on the campus and in the organizations they serve.

The 2021 recipients are Jordan Hall, Sydney Himmelman, Olivia Jordan, Alyssa Olagbegi, Sergio Pena, Allen Smith, and Asia Watson.

At the ceremony there was a faculty or staff member who gave a short speech highlighting each recipient’s accomplishments.

Some of these achievements consisted of excelling inside and outside of the classroom and various athletics such as football, basketball, and dance; as well as student-led organizations such as the Black Student Union, The Center of Student Involvement, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and Brothers and Sisters In Christ. Other efforts recognized were student activism, student-faculty research and more.