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Republican - Governor-Lieutenant Governor

Richard Irvin/Avery Bourne - 4821

Gary Rabine/Aaron Delmar - 770

Darren Bailey/Stephanie Trussell - 12605

Paul Schimpf/Carolyn Schofield - 580

Jesse Sullivan/Kathleen Murphy - 5664

Max Solomon/Latasha Fields - 193

Democrat - Governor-Lieutenant Governor

J.B. Pritzker/Julianna Stratton (incumbent) - 10010

Beverly Miles/Karla Shaw - 790

Republican - Secretary of State

Dan Brady - 10193

John Milhiser - 12927

Democrat - Secretary of State

David Moore - 701

Alexi Giannoulias - 6133

Anna Valencia - 3440

Sidney Moore - 422

Republican - Attorney General

Steve Kim - 8946

David Shestokas - 3390

Thomas G. DeVore - 9794

Republican - U.S. Senator

Peggy Hubbard - 5692

Casey Chlebek - 2114

Robert "Bobby" Piton - 2149

Jimmy Lee Tillman II - 1290

Anthony W. Williams - 2191

Kathy Salvi - 5926

Matt Dubiel - 2120

Republican - 15th Congressional District

Rodney Davis - 7464

Mary Miller - 6432

Democrat - 13th Congressional District

Nikki Budzinski - 28753

David Palmer - 9175

Republican - 13th Congressional District

Regan Deering - 14534

Matt Hausman - 9936

Jesse Reising - 13820

Terry Martin - 3564

Republican - 54th Illinois Senate District

Steve McClure - 8313

Donald DeBolt - 4973

Republican - 95th Illinois Representative District

Tim Butler - 2142

Kent Gray - 714

Democrat - Cass County Board District 2 (Vote for 3)

Kim Hance - 101

Gary Noe - 109

Connie Starkey - 107

Ronald Culves - 89

Republican - Greene County Board (Vote For 7)

Earlene Castleberry - 658

Christopher Elliott - 579

John Forsting - 535

Robert "Bob" Hall - 790

Christy Lake - 993

Brandon Malin - 608

Melissa "Missy" Mehrhoff - 657

Richard Ross - 785

Andrea Schnelten - 818

Mark Strang - 819

Democrat - 15th Congressional District Committeewoman

Katherine F.S. Daniels - 1609

Liz Brown-Reeves - 1428

Republican - White Hall Precinct 1 Committeeman

Marcus D. Jouett - 35

David Surbeck - 44

Republican - Scott County Board (Vote For 1)

John Simmons - 484

Danny Hatcher - 271

Steven Grubb - 211

Referendum - 0.1% tax to assist with maintenance of Scott County Nursing Center?

Yes - 789

No - 312

Referendum - a special service area for emergency medical services for southern Scott County?

Yes - 525

No - 383

Referendum - an increase in tax levy for Road District 2 in Scott County?

Yes - 489

No - 35

Referendum - Authorize the New Berlin School District #16 in Sangamon & Morgan Counties to issue bonds in the amount of $23.5M to update Junior/Sr. High School building?

Yes - 1286

No - 464

Advisory Referendum to allow chicken coops within the corporate limits of the Village of Loami?

Yes - 104

No - 64

Greene County Getting New Voting Machines Ahead of November General Election

By Benjamin Cox on September 20, 2022 at 5:39am

Greene County is replacing its voting machines just ahead of the November General Election. The Greene County Board passed an ordinance during special session in the first week of September granting $400,000 to be used for replacing the now-outdated machines. Greene County Clerk Debbie Banghart says the current machines date back to 2004 and reached […]

Frivolous Election FOIA Requests Hit County Clerks in West Central Illinois

By Benjamin Cox on September 8, 2022 at 9:09am

Local election authorities across the state are fielding a wave of FOIA requests related to election integrity KSDK reports that in recent weeks ramping up to the November General Election a variety of form letters and emails, most of them including the same language, have started arriving in county clerks’ inboxes around Illinois. The letters […]

Jacksonville Municipal Election Petitions Available

By Benjamin Cox on September 8, 2022 at 8:46am

The City of Jacksonville will have 7 offices up for election in the 2023 Consolidated Elections coming up next April. City Clerk Skip Bradshaw has announced that Jacksonville citizens interested in running for an aldermanic position or City Treasurer may obtain information and documents at his office at the Jacksonville Municipal Building, located at 200 […]

Workers Rights Amendment To Be November Ballot Question in Illinois

By Benjamin Cox on August 29, 2022 at 6:53pm

An amendment to the Illinois Constitution will appear on the ballot this November after some groups worked to get it taken off. The 4th District Appellate Court ruled in favor of keeping a Workers Rights Amendment on the ballot after a suit field in April by the Liberty Justice Center fought to keep it off. […]

Three Downstate Counties to Consider Non-Binding Secession Referendum in November

By Benjamin Cox on August 23, 2022 at 1:37pm

Brown County, Hardin County, and a northeast portion of Madison County will be voting this November on a non-binding referendum to split the state in two. According to the website Red State Secession, if the majority of voters in these counties vote for the split they will join 24 other counties in southern and central […]

Defeated Republicans in Tuesday U.S. Senate Primary Refuse to Concede

By Benjamin Cox on July 2, 2022 at 8:30am

The Republican nominee for the U.S. Senate race in November is being contested by a number of defeated candidates. Mundelein’s Kathy Salvi was declared the winner of the 7-person race, taking a shade over 30% of the little over 705,000 votes cast in Tuesday’s primary. Salvi defeated hear next closest challenger, Belleville’s Peggy Hubbard, by […]

Review of 2022 Contested Primary Races

By Benjamin Cox on June 27, 2022 at 4:04pm

Polls open at 6AM tomorrow throughout the state. There are many contested federal and statewide races throughout Illinois that will be watched nationally. Here’s a review of the contested races that WLDS/WEAI will be watching tomorrow: FederalThere are 7 Republicans vying for the chance to take on Democrat incumbent Tammy Duckworth in November. Belleville Navy […]

Butler Campaign Sued For Libel By Primary Opponent Gray

By Benjamin Cox on June 23, 2022 at 1:04pm

A Springfield incumbent to the General Assembly has been sued in Sangamon County Court for libel. Incumbent State Representative Tim Butler and his campaign have been sued by his primary challenger Kent Gray, according to Sangamon County Circuit Court filings from yesterday. According to WMAY, Gray has accused the Butler campaign of sending anonymous text […]

Early Voting Turn Out Good in Morgan, Slow in Greene With Less Than A Week To Go

By Benjamin Cox on June 22, 2022 at 9:03am

Early voting has less than a week to go ahead of the June 28th primary. Morgan County Clerk Jill Waggener says that early voting at the courthouse has been going well: “I feel that early voting is going very well. We have a few people who come in every day, and I’m encouraged by that […]

Dark Money in Davis-Miller Campaign is Second Highest For A Congressional Primary Race in the U.S.

By Benjamin Cox on June 16, 2022 at 9:37am

Dark money is dominating the Rodney Davis-Mary Miller Republican primary race in the 15th Congressional District. Illinois Public Media reports that more than $9 million has been spent on the primary by outside individuals or groups, according to OpenSecrets, a non-partisan independent organization that tracks political campaign spending. The group says it’s the second-highest amount […]