119 Proposed Obstruction Cases Field For Lincoln Land Wind Project

By Benjamin Cox on February 21, 2020 at 9:27am

The Lincoln Land Wind Project has officially filed for 119 permits for their project with the FAA this week. The proposed cases for obstructions were filed on Monday. The project’s permits will now head to the Morgan County Zoning Board of Appeals for final approval so construction can begin. You can view the FAA proposed cases here.

A previous permit that was filed in Morgan County outside of the village of Alexander was determined to be from another group called Wind Works Power. An inquiry from the group via email has not been returned. The particular permit would have likely been denied, as the turbine was beyond the height limit in the county’s wind ordinance.

A phone call about the next phase of the Lincoln Land Wind Project yesterday has not been returned from yesterday. The 300 megawatt energy project is expected to begin construction sometime this year.