2016 Prairieland United Way reaches 95 Percent of It’s Goal

By Benjamin Cox on February 17, 2017 at 3:00am

The Prairieland United Way is coming to the end of it’s 2016 Chip In campaign. The United Way has reached 95 percent of its goal of 530,000. Karen Walker, Executive Director of PrairieLand United Way says even though the campaign has raised a lot of money there is still a need.

“Just this week we had out application deadline, where the agencies were able to submit their proposals for programs they would like to see funded for next year, which is what this money will go towards. We have received 3 new requests besides the programs that we already funded. The need is still out their, the need continues to grow. The money is all going to stay right here to fund these programs. We will start the allocation process next month.

Walker says there have been new programs apply for some of the money and you will get the chance to see if they get it or not.

“I think it is always important as we continue to evolve as a community, it is great there are agencies that are stepping up and recognizing needs and providing programs and services to fill those needs, so that is what we are looking at with the new applications that have come in. Of course it will be up to the community in the allocation process next month, which again anyone who has donated to the campaign is eligible to be on the panel and actually get to listen to the programs and make the decision whether they are funded or not. The panels get to decide if the program is a need that is in the community.”

The final day of the Prairieland United Way 2016 Chip In campaign is February 28th, if you would like to donate to the campaign click Here.