2020 Dreams Tickets Go Out

By Benjamin Cox on June 9, 2020 at 5:30pm

The Routt-Our Saviours Annual Dreams drawing is moving forward undeterred. Dreams Tickets began distribution this past weekend following church services at Our Saviour’s Parish. Chair of the 2020 Dreams Drawing Maggie Peterson says ticket sellers can follow the procedure from year’s past. “We have packet pick ups after church, which is what traditionally have done in years past, after 8:30 mass and 10:30 mass on Sunday and after 4:30 mass on Saturday. From there, ticket packets can be picked up at the Dreams Office, but we would request an appointment be made due to the circumstances. We are going to assess how much we have left after the church pick-ups, and if there is quite a few ticket packets left, we are thinking about doing a drive-thru style packet up either at Our Saviour’s Grade School or Routt, maybe even both. We will communicate that to all of our ticket agents via our website, Twitter, Facebook, and I believe we will have an all-school call as well.”

Peterson says the Dreams committee has not received word about whether the Family Fun Festival is going to occur yet. She says as far as her committee goes, all things are still set to proceed. “As far as I know, they are planning to have the celebration. They are going ahead getting things ready, and we will just have to see what happens. As far as the Dreams Committee, we have talked about if there is not a celebration at the school like we usually have, we have talked about maybe a virtual drawing. It won’t be as fun and exciting, but we will do everything we can to make the best of it.”

Peterson says that the Dreams Committee is optimistic that they will sell out of the normal 4300 tickets as they do every year despite the current socioeconomic situation going on in the country. “We really think our community, especially our Our Saviour’s and Routt community, will pull together and sell out of tickets as we usually do because all of the money goes to Routt and Our Saviour. It’s kind of a long-standing tradition that we’ve had. It’s the 26th year of the Dreams Campaign, and we have no plans in failing that this year.”

Peterson says that the Dreams Committee has talked about lowering the number of tickets and raising the number of tickets in year’s past but that they believe they have a good balance and want to keep the tradition going despite the current climate. She says it keeps the odds the same for everyone and gives everyone a shot at all the prizes in the drawing.