2022 Routt/O.S.S. Dreams Drawing a Success Despite Rainy Afternoon

By Jeremy Coumbes on September 6, 2022 at 2:49pm

2022 Routt Out Saviour Dreams Drawing was moved into the Routt Dome on what turned out to be a soggy Sunday evening.

Co-chair of this year’s event Stacy Bradshaw says she can now breathe a sigh of relief after this year turned out to be an extremely successful event.

It was pretty nerve-racking going into the entire campaign. We wanted to make sure everything is going to run smoothly and you know, tickets sold out in record time. The end goal is always to give money back to the school. We had a successful campaign and we had some fifty winners today in the drawing and we’re ready to donate the money back to the school.”

Bradshaw says the annual event draws folks from far outside of Jacksonville. “We had winners from, I believe, three or four different states here today. Alumni and other community members that may have moved out of state are still actively involved in the drawing and purchasing tickets, and several winners were out of state and out of town again here this year. So we appreciate everyone’s support from all over.

This year marked the 29th year for the annual Routt Our Savior Schools Dreams Drawing event.

2022 Dreams Winners:

$100,000 -Gary Motley of Hettick

2022 Jeep Wrangler -Annie Baker

$10,000 -Holly Dawson

$1,000 winners:

Heather Corrigan

Claire Coonrod

Karen Schacherbauer

Jennifer Bonjean

Diana Phillips

Holly Pennell

Adam and Laura Haas

$500 winners:

Mary Hauser

Cheri Spencer

Fran Kohler

Lori Oldenttel

Jodi Snell

Lindell Blueenberg

David Gibbons

Roger Fore

Henry Pool

Jerry Meado

Erma Fisher (Nicole Harris, Hope Davidson, Wendy Pohlman, Heather Merkle, Rosie Ramon, Connie Varich, Steph Miltimore, Deb Camerer)

Dennis Bradshaw

Michelle Best

Eileen and Tom Doyle

$250 winners:

Julia Caldwell

Gail Grawe

Doug Zulauf

Trevor Garner

Penny Austin-McDaniel

Terry and Rose Fernandes

Stephan Borman

Ellen Farias

Gerry McDannald and Shawnette Bauer

Lacie Nichols

Nelson and Darlene Beck

Carol J Hanson

Rama Brennan

Mike Magner

Brenda Addy

Angela Retzer Turner

Adam Fletcher

DwWayne Palmer

John Elliott

Ashley Hetelle

Scott Mason

Ray Cosgriff

Cindy Corbridge

John and Stacy Blasko

Brenda and Terry Halpin

Billy McCurly