2023 Dreams Drawing Winners Revealed at Family Fun Fest

By Jeremy Coumbes on September 5, 2023 at 9:14am

Two people will split the 100,000 prize after their ticket was pulled in the 2023 Routt Our Saviour Dreams Drawing Sunday.

Dominic and Zander York of Jacksonville were the big winners as the tickets were pulled by Our Saviour kindergartners Sunday evening. The drawing capped the Routt Our Saviour Family Fun Fest and sold out in record time this year with all 4,300 tickets being sold ahead of the Early Bird Drawing this year.

Dreams Drawing Chair Monica Eoff, says a lot of hard work went into this year’s record-setting event. “We definitely have a Dreams playbook. But for an event like this to happen year after year, it really just takes the whole community coming together to make it happen. It really takes a village and this is a perfect example of how you get it done.”

Eoff says all of the proceeds go right back to the students of both schools. “Once all the gifts and prizes are paid out, all the proceeds are split fifty-fifty between Routt and Our Saviours, and then it will go to whatever the greatest need is or the greatest project.”

Eoff says one of the great things about the Dreams Drawing from the organizational standpoint is that the overhead of holding the drawing is already taken care of by the time the names are pulled.

We are grateful for our community support, we have sponsors who have really been supporting us for almost thirty years if not every year. So we are truly blessed that the community really rallies behind us and comes together to make this happen.

Some of the other winners included Judy Mills of Springfield who will drive off in the 2023 Jeep Wrangler, and Jake Long of Kansas City who will pocket $10,000 from the third-place prize.

15 people won $500 each and 25 people were awarded $250 each. For a full list of the winners, go to the RCHS/OSS Dreams page on Facebook.