3 Jacksonville Correctional Center Inmates In ICU

By Benjamin Cox on August 27, 2020 at 4:10pm

Three Jacksonville Correctional Facility inmates are in Springfield intensive care unit hospital beds at this hour. WICS Newschannel 20 reports that the 3 inmates are in custody at ICUs in the area fighting COVID-19.

Lindsey Hess, Public Information Officer for IDOC, says it is confirmed that they are recovering at area hospitals. According to Newschannel 20, a person from the Jacksonville Correctional Facility says there are currently 9 staff and 82 inmates at the facility recovering from COVID-19. The Illinois Department of Public Health and IDOC work in cooperation for mitigation efforts as well as collaboratively issue case information to the county health departments where correctional facilities are located.

Dale Bainter said on the August 21st “AM Conversation” program that the county health department’s role is mostly tracking information: “We are also available for discussion and for advising any time [the state] wants to reach out to us. We can help them with that. We use a program in the state called INED. It’s used for tracking all communicable disease through the state in keeping up to date on those numbers as we get test results back. The Department of Corrections works hand-in-hand with the state and they are responsible for most of the response activities on site at the facility.” Bainter said that IDPH has been on site almost daily in tracking efforts and performing response activities, such as testing and sanitation: “They are keeping us abreast of the situation. They seem like they are keeping things under control out there as best as can be expected with COVID. They have a daily response out there, and I know it’s at the height of their activities to get this [outbreak] under control.”

According to Newschannel 20, officials with the facility said all inmates and staff are equipped with personal protective equipment. In addition, those who test positive are being placed in quarantine.