3 million more bushels for Bartlett approved by Plan Commission

By Benjamin Cox on January 18, 2019 at 11:50am

Bartlett Grain Company will be increasing local annual storage by 3 million bushels in the coming months.

A site plan proposal for a new ground-mounted storage facility was approved yesterday evening by the South Jacksonville village Plan Commission and Zoning Board of Appeals.

The current storage facility, located on the southeastern edge of Main Street in the village of South Jacksonville, will have a neighbor that is planned to be placed slightly closer to the interstate 72 exits.

Three men from Bartlett were in attendance at the meeting. Four of the commission representatives were present, with Phil Black and Jim Ringle both absent. It was made clear by Plan Commission Chairperson Larry Moore that either Ringle or Black voted ‘yes’ in absentia, but this was somewhat irrelevant as the matter ended up passing unanimously anyway.

Chairperson Moore explains what was accepted by the Plan Commission Thursday night.

“We were to meet to view this site plan that Bartlett has proposed for an additional 3-million bushel storage facility that’s very similar in nature, if not identical to, the current one that will be just 35 feet north of the new facility. We feel they have the room to build this new facility further away from any residences. I think this brings their total potential annual storage to 7 or 8 million bushels or something like that. It’s a project that we’re happy to see them do.”

Moore describes the schedule that was verbally offered by the Bartlett representatives.

“The plan offered by the guys from Bartlett is that ground would be broken on March 1st, with the facility up and running in time to process the fall harvest.”

Moore says this new Bartlett initiative reportedly wants to capitalize on increasing yield statistics.

“As was stated in the meeting, the reason that Bartlett says they need to make this addition is that yields are up and crops are good. Growth is great: we appreciate it, and they appreciate it.”

Two of the questions asked of the people from Bartlett were cautiously deflected during the meeting. Both of the questions, which were related to use of any local contractors and potential noise increases from the new facility, were deflected from the main representative talking during the meeting and answered by one of the men sitting farther back with, “There are still things to be considered.”